Our purpose is to explore, entertain and create conversation about the quirks of human nature, relations and emotions, as well as pushing the boundaries of what choreography is or could be.

Together with creators from different artistic areas, including; dancers, writers, musicians, composers, designers and filmmakers, we identify the playful, ironic, spontaneous, absurd and create new modes of bodily expression and storytelling.

Our cross-genre art productions are preformed and shown in a large variety of locations including festivals, theatres and alternative stages. Furthermore, we work toward ensuring local and international artistic collaboration between Denmark and the rest of the world.

Our current focus is exploring the world of science with the title “Lulu goes scientific”. Here, we will explore what happens when science, technology and art meet. The first chapter, started in 2015, focuses on creative artificial intelligence especially deep neural networks.

“Happily ever after” is our latest production where we interrogate what it truly means to be two.

Deep Lulu

Louise Crnković-Friis, Artistic Director



Choreographer Louise Crnković-Friis (DK/SE) is the co-founder and artistic director of The Lulu Art Group.

Apart from on stage productions, her work includes research into Creative Artificial Intelligence with a focus on applying deep learning methods to choreography. She is also active in developing a Nordic network for contemporary folk dance.

Louise Crnković-Friis previous work includes having been the Artistic Director at Choreographic Center Archauz where she worked with among others as a partner in DÉPARTS, Movement Research and Dance Roads. She has worked as house choreographer under Gran Teater for dans, and choreographer under DÉPARTS, a EU network with 12 organizations within performing arts lead by PARTS.

She founded Aarhus-based dance company, Mrs. miller co., and has worked as a professional dancer for over a decade. She is educated at Balletakademien in Stockholm and at the University of Dance in Stockholm in Sweden (now DOCH).

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Louisa Field, CEO



Louisa is the co-founder and administrative leader of The Lulu Art Group.

She has a diverse background in contemporary dance, dramaturgy, media research and journalism. Her skills include producing, creative writing, media analysis as well as production management. She is inspired by the ways in which theatre can tell meaningful stories about everyday life, using both simplicity and theatrical instruments.

Her work at The Lulu Art Group is based on the idea that collaborative art across genres and artistic forms of expression can work together to become stronger, more interesting and exciting for the audience.

Louisa holds a double master degree in International Journalism from Aarhus University, The Danish School of Media and Journalism and Hamburg University. Currently, she works as radio producer at the Economist, freelance journalist for the Danish Radio and a variety of other media outlets.